01st Mai 2019 – Exam taken!

On 1st May some very welcome news:

Karlotta Bass, our teacher in class level 2 of our MANGO PRESCHOOL SUTUBAA DA has taken – after 3 years of extra-occupational education at the Teacher’s College in Brikama – her government approved final exam.

We congratulate for that great success, and we are happy to now have the fourth fully professionally educated and very committed teacher at our MANGO PRESCHOOL in Sanyang/The Gambia.

Very warm thanks to those sponsors, who especially donated money for the school fees. In this way her professional education became possible.
With their donations they made an important contribution to the personal development and self-determination of that woman.

Karlotta Bass

01. February 2019:

What AT EYE LEVEL did last season – together with the students and the teachers of MANGO PRESCHOOL – from November 24, 2018 to January 24 2019

  • Coaching-on-the-job with four teachers of MANGO PRESCHOOL SUTUBA DAA to better perform Systemic Education and practice the English lerning program ‚Jolly Phonics‘.
  • Workshop for 4 teachers with emphasis on ‚Systemic Elements in Montessori Education
  • Consolidation of practising the internationally acknowledged language learning program ‚Jolly Phonics‚, so that the students will be well prepared for the English-speaking education in the basic school.
  • Manufactoring of teaching and learning aids, made of simple, regional materials.
  • Financing of 4 salaries for teachers, including taxes and Social Security, and paying for a teachers‘ training course at the College.
  • Providing a regular breakfast from Monday to Friday for the students of the MANGO PRESCHOOL.
  • Repairing work at the school building.
  • Financing and performing of a beekeeping seminar for 2 of the teachers to harvest honey. The return shall be used for the MANGO PRESCHOOL.
  • The planting of the inner fence of the school yard with green and flourishing plants.
  • Preparing and creation of a school garden, where the students may learn how to cultivate fruits (bananas; papayas) and vegetables (onions; beans; cucumbers; aubergines; corn; cabbage; lettuce).
  • Construction of a simple kitchen to prepare breakfast for the students.
  • Obtaining and handing over of hi-vis waistcoats for all of our students. For many of them the way to school leads along a heavyly used road. Any sidewalks don’t exist. The students love to wear the hi-vis waistcoats like a kind of school uniforms.

03 November 2018: Our headmaster Buba Bah has started to prepare the school garden. He invited the school committee, the teachers and the children to give him support, and together they planted seedlings of different vegetables, such as cucumbers, onions, beans, sweet pepper, tomatoes, and bananas. Everybody was proud of having done such a great work for MANGO PRESCHOOL during their free time at the weekend. – Now it’s so important to water the seedlings every day, so that they may grow, until they can be harvested in January. And they have to be protected from the neighbour’s hens, which overfly the fencing wall, and come to the schoolyard to eat the seedlings quicker than the seedlings can grow. – Very sad! – We have to find a solution!

24 September 2018: The new academic year has started today. Eight children of level 3 class have left our preschool, intending to visit the basic school. That’s why eight different children could newly be registered at our preschool. There were a lot more, whose parents wanted them to enter MANGO PRESCHOOL SUTUBA DAA, but our three classrooms are too small to have more than 16 children in each of them.

Word had gotten around, that the children loved to visit our school, and that they learned a lot, when doing playful learning. Even some teachers of basic schools told us, that our children had reached – compared with those of other pre- or nursery schools – a high level in reading numbers and letters and in speaking English.

We would be very happy, if in the classes of the Sanyang Basic School ‚Systemic Education‘ could find continuation, for the benefit of the children and of the teachers.

30 May 2018: We have got water again at MANGO PRESCHOOL SUTUBA DAA! – The well digger has come, and he deepened the well on the school yard, so that fresh, clear, drinkable water is available again.

The students may drink water again how they feel like it. They can brush their teeth in the morning before the school starts, they can wash their hands, and everything can be kept clean. Additionally there is water again for the school garden and the bougainvillas along the fencing wall.

10 May 2018: The soil now is so dry, that the well of our MANGO PRESCHOOL gives hardly any more water. It is no longer drinkable, and only good for washing hands and for watering the plants in our school garden. This year, befor the raining season starts, the well shall be deepened so that we have water all around the year.

I never have thought that the soil in our school yard would let grow any vegetables. But thanks to the watering by our headmaster Buba there are already very aromatic cucumbers, sweet pepper, onions, and tomatoes. But the plants suffer from the hens of our neighbour, which attack the young plants, because they don’t find any green in the surroundings at that time.


In the meantime our teachers make a good job, with plenty of emphasis, and always thinking of how to perform Systemic Education.

07. Februar 2018:   Now it happened:   3 days after our teacher Isatou Darboe had come back to the MANGO PRESCHOOL after maternity leave, Tida Darboe, our deputy, on Thursday has given birth to a girl baby. She did it almost as precisely as handing over the Olympic flame to the next runner! (The naming ceremony will be celebrated in the coming week.) – It’s a big advantage that we had employed Kalota Bass, our 4. teacher, in January. She has very well familiarized herself and is highly interested in using the methods of Systemic Education, and the language programme ‚Jolly Phonics‚.

   Karlotta and Isatou     

A fencing wall with it’s gates has been finished. Instead of a mission statement we put on it, close to the entrance, article 1 of the ‚Declaration of Human Rights‚.

Article 1 of the ‚Declaration of Human Rights‘ (1948)

05. January 2018: From January 03. – 05., 2018 Sabina and Saskia invited our teachers and some from distant Kusamai and Tamba Kunda to participate in a workshop concerning ‚Systemic Education‘ and ‚Jolly Phonics‘. They all were very impressed of the new possibilities they learned to know how to enrich the methodical approach during the lessons at school. – Maybe we this way can establish a network ‚Systemic Education in The Gambia‘ in accordance to the Gambian curriculum.


Participants of our workshop ‚Systemic Education‘ and ‚Jolly Phonics‘

29. December 2017: During the first week of Christmas holidays Saskia and Sabina organized a Holiday Camp for our students of level 3. One day they went to the beach, the other days they visited a carpenter’s workshop with  following lunch in Patrick’s restaurant. They played funny games with nice materials that our friends had donated to our school, and on the last day we invited some of Mama Limbo’s drummers. The children loved to sing with them and to dance to their drumming. – We are convinced that these actions are very helpful for the children’s emotional, physical and cognitive development, and so we want to repeat it every year.

The children of level 3 at ‚Jungle Beach‘, Sanyang

15. December 2017: To protect the schoolyard from animals like cows, donkeys and goats, and from a lot of sand and dust, which comes with the wind, we decided to build a fence made from cement blocks. – On Monday, Dec. 18 three trips of sand plus 100 bags of cement will be delivered. Still before Christmas the workmen will press about 3.500 cement blocks to build the wall. – After Christmas they will start to build the wall, and at the end of January 2018 it should be finished.

11. December 2017: Saskia from VINCEROLA Preschool in Cologne/Germany has arrived and will give us support in training the teachers in ‚Systemic Education‘ for several weeks. During the Christmas holidays for our teachers we will perform a workshop with topics on Systemic Education. Additionally we have invited some other teachers from other schools in our neighbourhood, but also from the 75 km distant Tamba Kunda and Kusamai, so that we can create a network of Systemic Education in The Gambia.

04. December 2017: Today it’s the first birthday of MANGO PRESCHOOL SUTUBA DAA! – Congratulations to all staff members, to sponsors and stake holders, and to the parents of our students! They all together made that dream come true! – And meanwhile 50 children between 3 and 7 years have got the chance to profit from Systemic Education as a basis for a better life!

09.September 2017: The annual project meeting of ‚AT EYE LEVEL – Systemic Education in The Gambia‘ has taken place.  The members of ‚AT EYE LEVEL‘  discussed the possibilities how to continue their activities in the coming dry season 2017/18.

Main focus will be the deepening of Systemic Education in daily practice. At least 7 members will come to The Gambia for a different duration of time  to offer support to the teachers of MANGO PRESCHOOL.

During the Christmas holidays there will be a workshop not only for the teachers of MANGO PRESCHOOL but also for teachers of some other preschools in The Gambia, who want to know how to practice ‚Systemic Education‘ in accordance to the Gambian curriculum.

Beyond that it is intended to bring electricity to MANGO PRESCHOOL, so that a computer, a printer, a laminator and other devices can be used.

AT EYE LEVEL would like to install a school garden for the children, if the fencing of the schoolyard is done till the end of November 2017.

AT EYE LEVEL will extend offering breakfast for the pupils of MANGO PRESCHOOL from Monday to Friday.

01. April 2017  was the date of this year’s Independence Day which took place in Jambanjäli. The children and teachers of our school have taken part of it, and were so happy!


04. February 2017: Saskia, Sabina and Harald have turned back home to Germany, too.
For the new teachers now begins the time of working on their own after the guidelines of AT EYE LEVEL, and after their own committed aims.
And as we know the teachers and the children enjoyed the new way of learning and making experiences, we trust in them to continue that way of improvement.
For any questions or consultation of the MANGO TEAM there is a possibility to communicate via phone, e-mail and facebook. –

27. January 2017: Jammeh is out (to Equatorial Guinee); Adama Barrow is in (The Gambia); MANGO PRESCHOOL is running fine (in Sutuba Daa Kabilo). – Bianca has returned to Cologne (great thanks for her work at MANGO PRESCHOOL!), and so will Andreas do tomorrow.  He  started his beekeeping project as a further example of Systemic Education, taking into consideration the usual environment of the children of The Gambia. AT EYE LEVEL bought 3 beehives, and put them on the headmaster’s compound near the school. Now the children may learn about the bees, how they organize themselves, and how they produce honey.

Last preparations before the beehive is put into position.

20. January 2017
: As the political situation in the country is not clear (the former president Yayah Yammeh is not willing to step down, and the new president Adama Barrow was inaugurated yesterday), we closed the school. Some ECOWAS troops are said to be in Banjul.

Therefore the well prepared DIMBAYA CROSS BORDER MARATHON from TRANKIL/Senegal to DIMBAYA/Gambia as a RUN for PEACE could not take place on 21. January 2017 (It will take place instead on February 4).

The German embassy gave us some advice to stay within the houses.
But the situation on the roads of Sanyang is calm (no military).
We want to re-open our school on Monday, and to continue our support for Gambian children to have a better life.

05. January 2017: The MANGO PRESCHOOL SUTUBA DAA started again after Christmas holidays. Children and teachers were happy to meet again. The well, the store, and the tiles are finished, and the school is in a good state.

The teachers love the new way of teaching, and so do the children!

From 02. – 04. January 2017 ‚AT EYE LEVEL’ offered to the teachers a workshop concerning modern methods and techniques of joyful teaching. Teachers and a coordinator of two other preschool were invited to participate. Additionally 3 members of AT EYE LEVEL participated. AT EYE LEVEL had collected – supported by different sponsors in Germany and Luxembourg – teaching and learning aids, and the teachers started working with these materials.

During the Christmas holidays the classrooms and the toilets were tiled for better hygiene (and less mosquitos). The school got a fresh painting, and a store was built to keep school materials.
A swing, a slide and a football goal were built and erected on the schoolyard.

At the same time we started to dig a well to provide the children and the teachers of our preschool with well tasting water.

On 05. December 2016 the MANGO PRESCHOOL SUTUBA DAA was opened for children from 3 to 7 years. In 3 classrooms 48 children have a chance to explore skills, knowledge, and education, and thus be prepared on a long term to have a better future.

During the first break the children are provided with a free breakfast.

December 2016: By an assessment center – carried out by ‚AT EYE LEVEL – Systemic Education in The Gambia’ – 3 certified teachers have been choosen to be the teacher’s team of the MANGO PRESCHOOL SUTUBA DAA.