The MANGO PRESCHOOL SUTUBA DAA was founded by ERIKA MAYLAN HASTE in 2014, and handed over to the local municipality Sutuba Daa Kabilo as operator of that preschool.

On request of Mr. Alieu S. Jallow the charitable organisation of ‚AT EYE LEVEL – Systemic Education in The Gambia’ declared in November 2016 to be willing to pay the salary of up to 3 teachers of the preschool in Sutuba Daa Kabilo/Sanyang for the duration of 3 years (from 1st of December 2016 up to the end of the academic year 2019/20.

During that time the community of Sutuba Daa Kabilo will employ the required ancillary staff (nanny; caretaker, watchman etc.)

Additionally and after its possibilities ‚AT EYE LEVEL’ is willing to give material support on a limited scale.

The MANGO PRESCHOOL SUTUBA DAA is a private preschool, which lives by its people, by all the talents which exist in all of us. Together with our partners we create a profile which helps us to be well prepared for the future. Decisive for that are our goals and visions, our values and our culture of working. Let us make these guidelines to our leading principals, so that we enjoy every day anew to set impulses for a philanthropic future. For the benefit of the children, whose parents entrust to us.

The general goal of the MANGO PRESCHOOL SUTUBA DAA is to give skills, knowledge, and education to the doorstep of our children and to prepare them on a long term to have a better future.

powered by  ‚AT EYE LEVEL – Systemic Education in The Gambia’ (certified in The Gambia as a charitable organisation 2016/C3784)